Non Invasive Cosmetic Medical Procedures for all Areas of the Body

Everyone desires to look beautiful and feel confident about their bodies. However, many people remain unhappy about how one or more parts of their bodies look like. For some women, they have issues relating to their intimate parts. On the other hand, a majority of men are not pleased with the size of their penis and thus would like them to be enhanced. However, some issues can be experienced by both men and women.

Luckily, there are various techniques and procedures that seek to help those who would like to have these issues addressed.


It is no secret that many women give a lot of attention to their vagina. They prefer to have to be attractive and well taken care of. However, there are various changes that take place in the vagina as a result of changes in hormones, aging, menopause or pregnancy, and the eventual childbearing process. Aging usually results in the reduced production of collagen. Given that collagen greatly contributes to how strong the skin is, a reduced production ultimately causes the vagina to become thin and lose, in such situations, vaginal rejuvenation can help.

One of the other greatest concerns about women in relation to their vagina is the appearance of their vulva. Luckily for women, Academy Laser Clinics has remained committed to providing a solution for a woman’s intimate areas. The MonaLisa Touch through the DOT laser treatments is perfect for helping women who are uncomfortable with their vaginal appearance or have issues such as lubrication or tightness of the vagina.

The MonaLisa touch works effectively to restore the femininity of women’s intimates by rejuvenating and ensuring other issues such as urinary incontinence are addressed. This 10-minute long procedure has an advantage of being a non-surgical procedure. It involves the use of thousands of beams of heat and energy which are applied to the vaginal surface layer, epithelium, thus facilitating the healing and regenerating process in the vagina.

This results in the creation of healthy and hydrated cells thanks to the improved flow of blood to the vaginal walls. Consequently, collagen is produced in higher amounts thereby combating the effects of aging and the stress of childbirth to the vagina.

Rejuvenation of the vagina is, therefore, an essential procedure that allows women to regain their confidence. By undergoing through this process, you will be able to observe a difference in your vagina. However, it is recommended that one should go through this process more than once so that they can achieve the best results. The great thing is that the results are long-lasting as they can be observed for up to 18 months.


A great number of the men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis and so are looking for penis enlargement Perth solutions. For some of these men, they have not been able to satisfy the sexual needs of their partners. This has ultimately led to the breakdown of many relationships. Over time, men who are going through this challenge find it hard to remain confident.

Consequently, a need to find a technique that could help the thousands of men who are looking into male enhancement options arose. Some of the initial procedures were quite invasive and thus painful. Over the years, CALIBRE clinic took the initiative of looking into a method that will be non-invasive and painless. A method that could legitimately help men to address these issues. Thus CALIBRE for penis enlargement came about.

This method has been successfully used by thousands of men who later spoke praise about the results that they experienced. During this process, dermal fillers are injected into the shaft of the penis. Dermal fillers are safe as they have been used since the 20th century in procedures such as lip augmentation and cheek filler. Upon the injection of the dermal filler into the penis, the patient may immediately observe an increase in the girth of their penis. Once the fillers settle in, a difference of 0.5 to 0.7 inches can be observed when the penis is not erect while a 1-inch difference can be witnessed when the patient has an erection.

The fillers can be massaged so that it can smoothen out and align with the shape of the dick. Just like the dermal fillers on cheeks and lips, the ones injected on the penis usually integrate with tissue in the penis and thus will be gradually broken down over one to two years. However, this technique has helped many men feel confident about their sizes. Given that it is non-invasive and surgery is not needed, it is the preferred option for many men.


Some people usually develop a double chin with time or after they reach a certain age. Whereas it is mostly caused by factors such as weight gain and age, double chins can also come about due to diet. One thing remains certain though; many people do not appreciate having them. In fact, it has led to some people having self-esteem issues due to not feeling good about themselves or constantly being ridiculed by others.

The good news is that the Academy Face and Body clinic has an effective technique which is used to remedy this situation. In addition, the process does not involve going under the knife. It simply entails injecting Deoxycholic acid on the skin under the chin. This acid is naturally found in our bodies and serves the purpose of breaking down fats that are found in food. When it is injected, it contributes to making the chin and neck having a redefined look.

As already stated, this procedure is purely non-surgical as it only involves an injection. Therefore, when you choose to go through this method, you should not worry about experiencing pain or being left with undesirable scars. The treatment procedure takes 30-45 minutes and is spaced such that each session is done after around four weeks. As much as people are different and results may vary, most patients usually see a difference after 2 – 4 weeks.